• Christmas

    December 8, 2017

    Dear Diary,


    Another Christmas rolls around and how excited I am to be sharing this project I’ve been working on for the last month.


    This year…

  • Photo Walk

    November 25, 2017

    The bigger the city and the more hectic your lifestyle, the easier it is to forget about what beauty or otherwise is around us

  • The Red Door

    November 14, 2017

    Dear Diary,

    I’ve been finding it difficult to knuckle down and do any work recently, apart from the odd watercolour painting here or there. Not…

  • Back to Basics

    September 26, 2017

    Dear Diary,


    I thought it would be a good thing to share with you all what I’ve been working on since my last exhibition in…

  • London Design Fair

    September 23, 2017

    Dear Diary,


    Today was strangely wonderful, almost too good to be true. I know I shouldn’t say things like that, of course, every day has…

  • Welcome to the House

    September 21, 2017

    Dear Diary,


    Welcome to the House of Rolfe’s blog, The Rolfe Household.


    In this blog, I’m hoping to explore and enlighten all you lovely readers more…